How it works?

Is a free electronic currency with gifts through payment transactions on the Vietsmile platform..

Working process

We built an online shopping and trading platform.

The only way to get Viplus for free is by using payment platforms and utility services to earn points and redeem them for Viplus tokens..

  • Pay utility bills

  • Load the phone card

  • Load the game card

  • Credit payment

  • Pay the premium

  • Book air tickets, hotel rooms

Highlights of VIPLUS

We build on the needs of our customers and develop the best service products to ensure transparency, value and fairness for all..

Safe & Secure
Safe & Security

Your assets are always in control on the ERC 20 platform and the application of the best technology platforms.

Early Bonus
Priority gifts

Viplus is awarded gradually according to priority for the members who register and use the service as soon as possible.

Univarsal Access
Transparency of transactions

All transactions and archives are publicly available on the website to ensure transparency and value.

Secure Storage
Safe storage

After the release, we will announce a self-contained wallet so you can store it on the Viplus platform..

Low Cost
Value growth

The value of gifts is increasingly difficult to release and applied to shopping transactions to promote and add value..

Several Profit

Viplus gifts you can trade on free exchanges, store or shop on payment acceptance platforms.

Development roadmap

Our team

Nguyễn Minh Cường
He Nguyễn Minh Cường

Entrepreneur, Founder of Vietsmile, co-founder of Viplus, a specialist in business training and development of leading digital business platforms in Vietnam.

Nguyễn Nam Dương
He Nguyễn Nam Dương

Representative in charge of communication and development charity fund of Viet Smile Viet Corporation - Vietsmile. Co-founder of the non-profit organization Loving Heart.

Trần Tống Tử Long
He Trần Tống Tử Long

System training specialist with more than 15 years of experience, in charge of business coaching & training for Viplus platforms.

Nguyễn Văn Phi
He Nguyễn Văn Phi

In charge of technical support and support for related products and services on Viplus token platform.

Token Free

100% of Viplus is issued free of charge to customers who pay and use the service, in which details will be distributed as follows:

  • 7% donation to partners ends on December 31st, 2021
  • 3% donation for payment of listed value 31/12/2021
  • 5% of transaction fees turn into a charity fund
  • 65% donation to free price payments from 2022
  • 10% used for advertising 2023
  • 10% co-founder team

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mobile apps

Mobile application


  • Money management crypto assets

  • Synthesize and manage simple transactions

  • Payment and purchase are faster and safer

Frequently asked questions

These are the questions synthesized by the consumer psychology survey and the most common questions from registered members..

How can Viplus be exploited??

You just need to register for an account on the VIETSMILE platform and use the payment utilities, you will be refunded from the provider the amount that can be used or converted directly into Viplus token..

Where to buy Viplus if not using Vietsmile?

You can buy it through internal transactions between individuals who own Viplus or freely buy it on the Bitrefund exchange and international exchanges where Viplus tokens are listed..

Can I participate in purchasing Viplus by investment?

Viplus token is an asset provided free of charge to members using the Vietsmile platform, so there is no way for you to invest in the company. The only way you can buy is through individuals who make money from Vietsmile who want to sell it.

Will Viplus open for sale at any stage??

Right from the idea of establishment and the process of forming Viplus, it is only used as a gift for members using Vietsmile platform as a gift and to accumulate and exchange into goods exchanged by members and listed company..