Working process

We built an online shopping and trading platform.

The only way to get Viplus for free is by using payment platforms and utility services to earn points and redeem them for Viplus tokens..

  • Pay utility bills

  • Load the phone card

  • Load the game card

  • Credit payment

  • Pay the premium

  • Book air tickets, hotel rooms

Our mission

As a pioneer organization in applying Blockchain technology to transaction and control free gifts to the community on support platforms. We want to provide transparency in transactions and make it more convenient to provide a token to turn it into assets built from the value of trust..

The success of Bitcoin is a testament to the value of the Blockchain technology platform, a great platform used by many of the world's leading businesses. We believe in this innovation and continue our mission of applying cutting-edge technology platforms to our programs as a lifetime free gift to the community that trusts us. Viplus is limited but it's completely simple if you want to own it just change your consumption habits and pay through our service. You will have it ... and join us to create sustainable value for the platform as well as for this free Viplus gift..

Work Process
Work Process

Why not investment packages or trust programs?

With many years of working and researching on Blockchain technology, we find that the forms of capital mobilization under crypto or investment trust system programs have created sad stories for many investors because they believe. a distant future, but they all failed because of wrong beliefs. Many people have lost their property, lost their money by these beliefs. Our organization understands that crypto value is created by the community, success is determined by the community. That's why we only became 1 referee for the community to trust and use it. In other words Viplus is released for life for free, If an individual or organization says investment programs for Viplus from your company you should consider.

Our team

Nguyễn Minh Cường
He Nguyễn Minh Cường

Entrepreneur, Founder of Vietsmile, co-founder of Viplus, a specialist in business training and development of leading digital business platforms in Vietnam.

Nguyễn Nam Dương
He Nguyễn Nam Dương

Representative in charge of communication and development charity fund of Viet Smile Viet Corporation - Vietsmile. Co-founder of the non-profit organization Loving Heart.

Trần Tống Tử Long
He Trần Tống Tử Long

System training specialist with more than 15 years of experience, in charge of business coaching & training for Viplus platforms.

Nguyễn Văn Phi
He Nguyễn Văn Phi

In charge of technical support and support for related products and services on Viplus token platform.