Notify the Viplus New Deal on the market

It's a massive amount of cryptocurrency that extracts an international floor is a huge step with any crypto project because it's a chance for extended project that is to be teleportation and transparent transactions on the floor. With Viplus although the target is 2024, however to realize the development of Vietsmile is exceeding all targets and the plan that we have brought to the community and the number of members as well as every day's trading transaction.

Notify the Viplus New Deal on the market

On December 10, we will officially announce the first exchange that we will list before listing Viplus on Coinmarketcap, which provides the world's largest cryptocurrency market information. Currently, we are working with a partner to carry out the final stages of listing VPL on the exchange to make it easier for members to exchange transactions and also a great opportunity for other coins. Cryptocurrencies including viplus have a chance for price growth.

However, with a commitment from the very beginning, our development team made all transactions transparent and the process of releasing viplus to the market. 100% is not open for sale to any units or partners and members, but the only way for you to receive it is to register and do tasks on Vietsmile social network or participate in using social networking sites. services on our Vietsmile platform to jointly build a sustainable social networking community and give value to our community.

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