Viplus breaks through with the global e-commerce platform.

We have spent more than 4 years preparing for Viplus token by building a solid ecosystem that creates the foundation for the sustainable development of the decentralized financial platform. Furthermore, we also provide solutions for other decentralized finance platforms to build a healthy competitive cryptocurrency community.

On September 15, Viplus was officially applied as a payment fee on the global e-commerce platform system. This is a big turning point for Viplus because it will become a key product in the development plan of webuy platform for customers. our strategic partnership. Especially to launch the Vietnamese market, webuy has been having marketing plans worth tens of millions of dollars to expand and promote to Vietnamese users.

Viplus breaks through with the global e-commerce platform.

3 new ways to use Viplus:

- Used for registering a Ship member account on Webuy.

- Used to pay withdrawal and money transfer fees in the webuy system.

- Use Viplus to shop for unlimited goods with more than 8,000 listed items.

Payment application for tokens targeting thousands of Fintech businesses.

Any cryptocurrency hopes that their assets will be applied to payments for production and business enterprises to create convenience for members. However, the fluctuation in the value of crypto is too large and too fast, it is a factor that creates risks and is difficult for businesses to accept when introducing payments or transactions.

Understanding the value and needs as well as the pain points of the market, Webuys businesses are the first to successfully deploy a cryptocurrency application business model. This is expected to be a major breakthrough in the cryptocurrency industry in general and Viplus token in particular

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