Viplus token - Practical cryptocurrency platform

After 7 years of researching, building and developing the Vietsmile platform, we have created certain values ​​for users, partners and Vietnamese businesses. With millions of customers who have been accompanying us to create a healthy, civilized social network with hundreds of utilities for customers. In particular, we have been bringing completely different benefits and features by sharing 90% of profits with users, which is a great advantage to create competitiveness and connecting benefits between sellers. customers, consumers and Vietsmile.

Viplus token - Practical cryptocurrency platform

Viplus = Vietsmie + Plus is an additional gift for the Vietsmile community when there is a need to apply the Blockchain platform. Currently, Viplus is not only applied in trading on Trade spot platforms, buying and selling freely, saving... moreover, we have been applying it in buying and selling over 100 products and services worldwide. demand through linking with e-commerce platforms to help users shop globally simply, quickly and securely.

In 2023 Viplus will continue to be applied to games that bring good value to the Vietnamese user community in addition to entertainment and money, we want to build a game platform that provides information and human value. text for the user community itself.

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