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Chúng tôi cung cấp cho người dùng một hệ sinh thái hoạt động đầy đủ. It takes advantage of blockchain technology to ensure the best experience for users around the globe.

Nền tảng tiền điện tử đáng tin cậy nhất

A fact that has long been shown that the reader will be distracted by the content of the page that can be read of a page when looking at its layout.


Safe storage

Tài sản của bạn luôn được kiểm soát và áp dụng nền tảng công nghệ tốt nhất.


Protected by insurance

Your asset value is always protected by project sponsors committed to safety and sustainable development.


The best practice in the industry

Tài sản của bạn luôn được kiểm soát và áp dụng nền tảng công nghệ tốt nhất.

Cách vận hành Viplus Token

Quá trình xây dựng nền tảng Viplus được xây dựng trong nhiều năm, tạo nên hệ sinh thái đa dạng, high liquidity and many applications in life.


Bank transfer

Easy to make simple, fast and high security transactions.


Thanh toán & mua sắm

VPL has become the first cryptocurrency to become a popular shopping application in many countries.


Method of release

It is created completely free for the community to use real shopping and payment services.


VietSmile application

Viplus has been using it to pay for advertising, sales and transactions on many platforms, especially VietSmile social networks.

Viplus application

The decentralized financial industry is developing as a trend, but applying it in reality is still a general challenge for most businesses.


Loan amount

Viplus can be used as collateral as a fixed asset. It is audited by intermediaries.



VIPLUS has been used to pay for advertising expenses, sales and transactions on many platforms, especially VietSmile social networks.



More than 8,000 products are directly paid with Viplus through comprehensive cooperation with webuys e -commerce.


Link your bank account

Just link the VIPLUS with a bank account to make transactions and switch to the legal currency.


Start buying and selling

Easy to trade Viplus in minutes through international cryptocurrency exchanges.


Financial game ecosystem

With more than 50 online games for decentralized finance of all cryptocurrencies. Viplus is used as a fee to join the game.


Building financial future

Chúng tôi cung cấp cho người dùng một hệ sinh thái hoạt động đầy đủ. It takes advantage of blockchain technology to ensure the best experience for users around the globe.

The only way to own Viplus for free is to use the payment platform and utility services to accumulate points and convert into Viplus token.

Release VIPLUS notification code

Viplus Token is a free property that is given free to the community to use the payment service on VietSmile platform and perform online tasks.


Free for community construction groups Complete


Savings payment
(Angel stage)


Charity fund
Coming soon


(Development Fund)
Coming soon


Co -founding group
(Development Fund)
Start 2025...


Payment for savings
(The current stage)

Development roadmap

Viplus is formed and developed based on the actual needs of users. With the actual application of each individual's life to create sustainable value.

Project ideas - March 2017

We build a diverse ecosystem and create Viplus token as a valuable gift to give free to users of VietSmile products.

Business idea - September 2019

Develop a project in accordance with the plan after more than 2 years of preparing technology platforms and development teams.

Pay for development- February 2020

Users receive gifts when using the service when participating in tasks, payment and introduction of members on VietSmile social network.

Listed above Bitrefund - October 2020

Viplus trading floor with legal money in Vietnam through P2P (VNT/VPL).

Listed on the Cointiger exchange - November 2021

Listed for trading on the Cointiger exchange in Singapore (VPL/USDT).

Listed above Coingecko - November 2021

This platform provides a leading cryptocurrency information around the globe.

Shopping and payment - February 2022

Provide API of shopping applications and payment for more than 8,000 products through global cryptocurrencies.

Develop a bet platform - September 2022

Building Stake mechanism for the community to use Viplus to increase the time to exploit and expand the community of cryptocurrency assets.

Collaborate with investment funds - July 2023

Get an investment fund of more than 5 million USD to develop the platform and product on the VIPLUS (M - Venture) ecosystem.

Collaborate with Webuys - September 2023

The world's first e -commerce platform applies all cryptocurrencies in shopping and paying. Viplus is used as a fee for all transactions.

List of coinmarketcap - November 2023

The world's No. 1 cryptocurrency market.

Financial game application - March 2024

Payment application in financial games and charge for partners using game products.

Develop wallet on Android and iOS - April 2025

Develop electronic wallets to store Viplus and other cryptocurrencies.

Main network - April 2026

Building a separate blockchain financial platform for Viplus.

Please install the application today ...

Installing the application, you can use social networks for entertainment, shopping, consumption and receiving Viplus awards completely free.

  • Free download
  • Install apps
  • Create a profile
  • Enjoy this app

Partner & Support

Strategic partners with us built and developed VIPLUS.

Common questions

Are questions that are summarized by the customer psychological survey and the most common questions from the registered members.

You only need to register an account on the VietSmile platform and use the payment utilities, you will be refunded from the supplier that amount can be used or changed directly to Viplus token.

You can buy it through internal transactions between individuals who own Viplus or buy freely on the Bitrefund exchange and international trading floors that Viplus token is listed.

Viplus Token is a free asset for members using VietSmile platform so there will be no way you can invest in the company. The only way you can buy is through individuals earning from VietSmile who want to sell it.

Right from the idea of ​​establishment and the process of forming Viplus used as a gift for members to use the VietSmile platform as a gift and to accumulate into goods and listed companies and listed companies.
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Update the latest information about VIPLUS Token.

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